What if the exact opposite of everything you’ve ever thought was true?

I’m not talking about every thought. I’m talking about those thoughts that you beat yourself up with every day. The ones that are taking up the space of all the thoughts of things you’d rather do or be.

What if you didn’t miss your big shot?

What if you weren’t flakey? What if you finished what you started?

What if you could stop feeling guilty?

What if being responsible looked much different than the box you’ve drawn it in?

What if you were lovable?

What if making money was easy?

What if every f*©k up was supposed to happen for you instead of to you? (I know I can’t quite wrap my head around that one either but...)

What if no always meant something better was on the way?

What if?

Sometimes I picture myself like a kite with the force of what I think is supposed to be holding tightly to the string. But today I woke up feeling, this feeling: untethered. 

I forgot what I was supposed to think about myself based on everything I’d been.




Scared in the presence of wide open possibility, but giddy. I could feel my soul laughing. I could feel that no matter what had happened, was happening or would happen, my soul knew how to be.

Try it for a minute. Or two.

I dare you.

That committed to being grounded, huh?

Those things that happened yesterday, last year or ten years ago, were just a moment but you keep on keepin’ on with them, now. Why?

Isn’t it possible that right now there is someone else doing, saying and being everything you think you can’t? Living in a way you can’t see? It’s possible isn’t it?

What would you do and who would you be if you were for a moment, entirely free?