Rabbi Has A Cure For Singledom: Polygamy

A Jewish Rabbi has a solution for all of us never married, widows and divorcees: polygamy. According to The Jerusalem Post, a new Orthodox Jewish group Habayit Hayehudi Hashalem (The Complete Jewish Household), wants to reinstate polygamy into mainstream Orthodox Judaism, despite it being against the contemporary norm of Jewish law and against the laws of the state.

The group says the practice could be a solution for the abundance of Arab men marrying Jewish women – a no-no -- who pose a threat, the predicament of seeking extramarital relations and as a possible way to raise national fertility by at least 10%.

“This is not about secular people who abide by the rules of the state, rather religious people. Whoever wants to take another wife – the Torah does not object to it,” Rabbi Yehezkel Sopher was quoted as saying.

“There are women who agree, but can’t act on it. But even if a woman doesn’t agree, her husband is not her property, and by law he is not prohibited from having an affair with another woman.”

You ever notice how it's always some (horny) man dreaming up this racist and sexist propaganda for the good of his faith and his country?  What about the good of the woman?  Better they should share a husband then live a fulfilled life on their own. Can you imagine the looks on their faces if a woman said she wanted a couple of husbands?

(Photo credit: Big Love)