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Single Women Can Swing The Vote

Page Gardner founded Women's Voices. Women Vote with one goal in mind: to improve unmarried women's participation in the electorate and policy process.  Women will make up the majority of the electorate on Tuesday and they will decide who wins on Election Day. According to Gardner, marital status has long been a key determinant of both voter participation and preference. Traditionally unmarried women — single, divorced, separated and widowed – are less likely to register and vote than married women.  Although they've been hurt by the economic downturn, they don't distrust the government - in fact they look to government for solutions by supporting progressive candidates and platforms.

Votes from unmarried women were key in bringing Obama to office – along with people of color and young voters. In 2008, unmarried women supported the president 70 percent to 29 percent.  Married women supported Senator McCain by three points - that's a marriage gap of 44 points. The gap isn't that large this election but as a voting force, late-deciding, unmarried women can decide a number of races this election.

In midterm elections, when voter numbers drop off, even small changes in turnout can make a big impact.  In fact in the last midterm election, the four closest Senate races were decided by an average of 20,000 votes, gubernatorial races by an average of 15,000 votes and the 15 closest House races by an average of 2,000 votes.

One out of every two women in the United States is unmarried - that's 25% of total eligible voters in the United States.  Tomorrow Tuesday November 2 is voting day.  Have you registered to vote?