The Big F

False. Expectations. Appearing. Real. That’s just one definition.

Fear is the energy taking up space between you and everything you say you want for your life and business.
Fear shows up when you’re faced with something unfamiliar. It can come in the form of excuses—because deep down you know that’s what they are—about why you can’t stop doing what you’re used to.I’ve tried something new before and that didn’t work. 

It also shows up in the form of procrastination, which allows you to delay your good. I’m waiting for more money, the perfect time or I'm too old for this to happen.

Or as imposter syndrome when your inner monologue tells you, I'm a fraudI’m not talented. I’m going to screw this up. My work is not important enough.
I used to think that successful people weren’t afraid. I’ve since learned that they get scared, but they take action anyway. Why not you? Fear can be a big indicator that something is wrong but it also might be telling you that something is right, especially when you risk a walk into territory outside of your comfort zone.
If you’re using your fear to hold back change, you need to accept that it is impossible. Change is life’s only constant and the effort you’re using to hold it off is way more exhausting than what is required to flow with it.
Did you know that the only physiological difference between fear and excitement is the exhale? Fear causes you to take a sharp breath in. So does excitement. The difference is that when you’re excited, you release the breath, so that your body can resume its natural flow. What’s more terrifying, taking baby steps in the direction of the business and life that you want?  Or staying stuck and unavailable?
Take a deep breath and let flow.