Why Do Men Lie About Their Height?

(Featured on Yahoo’s Shine, Homepage Feature, Editor’s Pick Love + Sex and Single-Woman.TV, 123 comments) So the guy who I’ve been having wildly fantastic phone dates with admitted he’s not 5’ 7”, he’s 5’ 4”.

I’m bummed.

Not because he lied. Women like about weight, men about height and both about age. I’m more irritated that I broke my no phone rule.

I have this theory that during the internet dating process, you meet 3 different guys. The first is the one you meet in the profile and exchange e-mails with. As a writer, I’m usually drawn to the ones who can fire off witty exchanges with ease. Then there is the guy on the phone and then there is the guy you meet in person.

I’ve had fantastic phone convos with more than one guy, only to show up and have no chemistry in person –- absolutely nadda. As many women –- including most of my married friends –- do, I’m willing to stick it out a couple of dates to see if it evolves. The men, not-so-much. The guys I’ve liked the best have moved straight from e-mail to date, by passing the phone in favor of the in-person get-to-know-you. I’m now very suspicious of those guys who want to exchange multiple e-mails and phone calls to warm you up. And this is exactly why.

“I understand if height is a deal breaker for you,” Wildly Fantastic said. So if you knew it was going to be, why the hell didn’t he put his true height down. “We’ll be the same height when we’re lying down,” he laughs, like I’m supposed to find that reassuring?

Now all I can think about is how crummy our date’s going to be, knowing that I don’t need a tall guy but I don’t want to be able to see over the top of his head, or crush him with my 5’ 5.5” booty.

I know. I’m being shallow and I’m irritated about that too. Good things come in small packages, I keep thinking to myself and then I wonder if small things comes in short packages. Help me, would you date a guy who was shorter than you? Why or why not?