Brandy Was Robbed

I have a 10”, old fashioned “kitchen” TV.  I used to only use it to watch my Bollywood and Jane Austen DVDs, in a faintly superior, smug way. Then I got sucked into Glee and Dancing with the Stars by my coworkers—that’s right you guys, I totally blame you. I have favorites now for the past three seasons that I’ve been watching DWTS. I cheer for them like a Republican Texan loves them some Tea Baggers.  Speaking of, clearly `Bristol the Pistol' has been kept on the show by the Tea Bagger’s lemming-like obey of the call to act from the mother ship.  I mean really, Bristol’s as stiff and bright as a board, that one.  A pretty young woman for sure, but a dancer she ain’t.

After my girl Margaret Cho left, I was on Team Brandy.  She worked.  I would have left Maxim after about 20 seconds.  She worked positively with his edgy energy, graciously accepted the judges’ comments and even was appropriately supportive of Max when Carrie Ann critiqued his choreography.

To say nothing of her dancing—beautiful extensions, owning the character, and showing her drive in committing to each dance style.  She wanted it badly and I admired that. She earned a perfect score in the semi-finals for her dancing, but just didn’t get the “pack” votes, unfortunately.

Let’s hear from my fellow DWTS fans—was she robbed or was it right?