Dumbest Dating Rules Ever

Dating is unnatural.  Spending 60 – 180 minutes with a stranger can be agony especially when you’re paying attention to the rules of the game.  Some dumb dating rules stand the test of time and just when there’s hope they might disappear, something dumber and improved comes around to replace them.  Here are a few:


3-Day Rule

You know the 3-day rule?  Swingers made it popular.  It goes like this, a guy gets your number but waits 3 days to call you to create suspense and not appear needy.  Here’s the thing, informal research by dating sites like Plenty Of Fish say 79% of women won’t answer the phone anymore if a guy doesn’t call them within the first 1-3 days but that's because most of us know about that stupid rule.  If we like you, we want to hear from you right away. Only 9% of all men researched say they had success after waiting 3 days or longer before calling women and they needed to come up with a really good excuse about why they didn’t call.  I don’t get it.  If you like her call her.  Be a grown up and don’t play games.

Don’t Send Her Flowers

Never send a girl flowers or buy her a gift after a date, she’ll think you’re needy, that you're trying too hard. Really? Isn’t that a sign of generosity?  A date guy I had a couple of phone conversations with brought me a CD he’d made for me on our first date.  I thought it was charming.

Order For Her

Last summer I was on a date with a guy I liked and when the waiter came to take our order, he ordered for both of us.  The waiter asked if we wanted any hors d’oeuvres.  I thought yes.   He said no.  The waiter and I exchanged a glance.  It bugged him too.  I didn’t say anything because I thought, maybe it was some kind of man chivalry thing I didn’t know about?

Talk About Your Bank Account

Instead of listing your assets, why not list your beliefs?  The right partner will care more about what's in your heart.  What's in your wallet is a bonus.


Unlock His Car Door

If you reach over and unlock his car door before he can get into the car, it means you’re looking out for him - or that you have long arms?  I can’t remember.  That’s fine if he’s driving a 2003 Toyota like me but most cars have auto unlock these days.  What are you supposed to do now?  Aren’t there better ways to prove I have his back?

Order The Most Expensive Thing

Order the most expensive thing or nothing at all.  Did you know your meal was making a statement?  You’re worth the priciest dish aren’t you?  Or are you just high maintenance?  Does he think you “owe” him for that dinner?  Order a Salad.  Eating disorder.  Order burgers, fries, shake.  Pig.  No wonder so many women are screwed up about food.


For some men, manicured nails = groomed cooch.  This is not a joke.

The Wallet Reach

Most women will reach for their wallet when the check arrives but it always feels fake to me because if it’s the first date, he usually pays and you know it.   But here’s a thought, you could too?

His & Hers

Don’t Have Sex On The First Date

Why buy the cow right?  Do guys really think you're not relationship worthy if you're doing it on date number 1?Personally, I think it's about comfort level but I think also think there are all kinds of exceptions to this rule.  What if you’ve been friends with him for months or years?  A university friend of mine had sex on their first official date with the man who is now her husband.  What if you're over 40?  Hopefully by this point you know what you're looking for?

What do you think?  Anything I missed?  After a certain age, aren't rules meant to be broken?