Is That A MacBook Pro Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

So against my credit card’s better judgment, I bought a new computer yesterday.  I had to.  My business is on my laptop and my motherboard bit the dust. The very first computer I ever used was a College roommate’s Mac and when I graduated, I headed out to buy one.  As usual, money was tight.  I wanted a Mac but, somehow I let myself get talked out of it by the sales guy who offered me an IBM PS1, on sale.

I bought it and over the years went from PC to PC, somehow always being talked out of my Mac dream in the final hour.  Everyone uses a PC, I was assured.  It’s easier to find stuff for itPCs are more robust.

Sure the laptop I have has served me well (and I'm grateful for that) but when I found myself coveting other people's Mac's, I had to ask myself, why are you having such a hard time getting what you want?  Why does everyone else's opinion mean so much?  What is this highschool?  Or don't you think you deserve it?

Yesterday I went to The Grove’s Mac Store, a big shiny, gorgeous hub of creativity and Blake, my sales associate walked me through what I needed to know and then some.  “Welcome to the future Kim,” he said pulling out his mobile payment system from his pocket and handing me the smart, briefcase-sized box.

It was a seminal moment.  I felt downright fantastic.  I made a deal with myself this past New Year’s that I was going to keep my word to me.  I was sick of always doing the “should”, the “right", the "everyone else does".  I was going to get in touch with my heart instead of my head and do “my” thing”, making the changes I need to create a life and future that is 100% me.

As I breezed into Anthropologie, I briefly noticed an older gentlemen and his family browsing in the store.  When I approached a carousel of books near them, he asked, “Is that a MacBook Pro?”

“Yes,” I gushed.  “I bought it two minutes ago.”

Apparently he’d just purchased the same one online and was waiting for it to be delivered.  We compared add-ons and talked like old friends.  It was a lovely exchange and it felt like we were both in on some super secret.

As I floated into Crate and Barrel and past the cash register, another gentleman called out slyly, “I see you have your MacBook Pro.”

“Yes,” I gushed.

“You’re going to have a lot of fun with that,” he said with a knowing smile.

“I can’t wait,” I laughed.


It was like everyone was just as excited for me as I was.  Welcome to the future Kim, you've just purchased a man magnet.

What about you?  Do you ever make decisions because you "should", "right" or "everyone else does"?