Shakira thinks women want men to "rescue" them? For real?

(Originally posted on Homepage Feature and Single-Woman.TV, 146 comments) In her interview with the Associated Press, Shakira says the songs on her new album She Wolf, out this week, are a reflection of a woman who is looking for her prince charming.

"It's very much a common thing for women my age, at least my friends, to be in search for the right man and to be somehow dreaming of the prince who's going to come in and rescue them,” says the Colombian singer.

As someone who cries on a dime and who is an utter and complete romantic, even I spit my green tea across the room reading that one.  Granted the singer has been in a relationship with Antonio de La Rua, the son of former Argentine President Fernando de la Rua for almost a decade.  But still, how can you get to be 32-years-old and think that another person is going to rescue you?  For real?  From fire, perhaps.  Furthermore, is there really just one, as in “the one”?

According to 2008 U.S. Census Bureau information, 92 million Americans are unmarried. 54% or approximately 50 million of these are women.  Are 50 million American women truly living such horrible lives that all they can hope for is some prince charming to swoop in save them?  Does this mysterious prince bring health care?

In fact between 1970 and 2001, the overall marriage rate in the United States declined by 17 percent and of those who did get married, the average marriage lasted only 8 eight years.  So after that 8 years of salvation - what are you supposed to do with the rest of your life?

I can’t say I’m huge fan of Shakira but I always appreciated the lyric from her song Whenever, Wherever, “lucky that my breasts are small and humble so you don’t confuse them with mountains.”  I thought here is a woman who has a sense of humor about herself and the image she’s flogging to the public.  Today I looked at the liner notes and realized Gloria Estefan co-wrote the song.  Good work Gloria.

What about you?  Do you believe in the one?  And if you find him or her, do you think he can rescue you?