What's The Deal With Mya's LegWarmers?

By Kim Kuhteubl

Remember back in 2004 when Vogue tried to peddle the idea that leg warmers were making a coming back?

Like every other Fame junkie, I sported them over jeans – once – in the eighties until I realized they made my calves looked fat. Why didn't they to scrunch like Coco's?

And just when I thought I was over them, there they were, taunting me with their coolness in the Harvey Edwards poster that hung on the walls of every second girlfriend's dorm room at my University.

Uber chic dance wear company KD dance estimates they have sold over 50 million pairs since1980 because apparently dancers wear them to keep their muscles from cramping after stretching. Perhaps that why Mya was sporting that ultra cute burgundy pair over her character shoes during the rehearsals taped before the semi finals last week? Mya is a dancer.

At the end of week 9, the Grammy award-winning singer feels like the frontrunner. Last week, she waltzed effortlessly as if on air and her salsa was shamelessly hot. But by the time she got to her cha-cha-cha, I found myself back back backing out of her corner. Even though her mother’s breast cancer story had my pom poms momentarily raised, and even though she’s single and mixed like me, I’m not rooting for her to win.

What’s fun about watching Dancing With The Stars (aside from Donny Osmond - duh) is the rise of the underdog. Which celebrity talent will tango out of their comfort zone to a judges' score of 9 - 9 – 9? Who wears their heart on their sleeve? Who is the most transformed? Who does the trophy mean the most to?

So even though Mya is an incredible talent and a brilliant dancer and even though she’s scored a perfect 10 – 10 – 10 during this competition, tonight I’ll be texting my vote for a contestant who, even if she doesn’t win the competition, could easily win the award for fearless transformation, Kelly Osbourne.

The final three stars dance off in a live competition tonight November 23 @ 8/7c on abc. Who are you voting for? And more importantly, how did you wear your leg warmers?